Thoughts are free – Die Gedanken sind frei

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On the night of January the 8th 2021, Donald J. Trump, easily the most important man in the world, was banned from Twitter (after already being banned everywhere else). His email-distribution service was cancelled, and his own Trump merchandise store had its hosting removed. Even Trump’s response tweets on his temporary @POTUS account were quickly deleted. The slope seems to have been extremely slippery from banning Alex Jones, to banning the man with the nuclear codes.

Unpersoning, memoryholed, damnatio memoriae.

The response by everyone else may be the most enlightening, as it has shown the true frauds and hucksters that tricked the right-wingers into believing they had establishment friends. From Sam Harris, to Lindsey Graham demanding the rioters be apprehended, or that unpersoning a man with 70+ million votes is the surefire way to achieve peace and unity. What astute observers have acknowledged is that forcing rightists into the fringes of the online world only serve to make us more censorship resistant. On any of the mainstream platforms, any illegal content is very quickly banned. Now on alternative platforms, it is not just that we can now say whatever right-leaning thoughts we wish, but that just about any thoughts are now permissible.

The Washington Post’s international headline on the 7th of January, 2021.

An important parallel to this event is the continuous rioting over the past half-year from leftists. What did they achieve? Well almost every establishment person or corporation came out in support of BLM and/or deflected the Marxist-Communist nature of Antifa.  Thirty-five plus people and hundreds of buildings were either damaged or completely burnt to blackened timber and concrete foundations. What damage did the rightists do? A podium and some of Nancy Pelosi’s office hardware were perhaps stolen, but otherwise nothing was burnt, there was no spray painting of vulgarities towards authority figures, and none of the rioters killed anyone. The Capitol Riot has no David Dorn comparison whatsoever, but it does have a George Floyd martyr figure: Ashli Babbitt.

A martyr is born.

What should also be understood is how it is being criticized. When the murders and property damage of the leftists is brought up in defense of taking action against congress, the response is: “But they attacked the Capitol! They are terrorists!” What this admits is that the specific action is irrelevant. Antifa and BLM burning down small businesses during an elite-opportunistic pandemic does not matter because they did not target anyone of real importance in government, other than regular Americans. Ted Wheeler has completely kowtowed to the Portland Antifa’s nightly attempts at burning down the Multnomah police center. Why are establishment leftists ignoring the crimes and the damage done by their own? That is because they know they pose no real danger at all to the Leviathan. The Leviathan must ensure its own continuation, meaning it must protect itself from all real dangers both foreign and domestic. Andy Ngo reports that above 90% of all the federal charges brought against BLM-Antifa rioters in Portland have been completely dropped. This is no mistake at all. The state does not fear leftists, because it knows that they are truly impotent to change anything, or that they are too stupid to target the correct institutions for attack. You are not going to change anything by damaging ‘fascist’ small businesses. 

Evil spread by Marxists.

Compare this to what the rightists achieved in one day. They knew what, where, and what time to attack so that their message would be amplified the most. The Capitol rioters were condemned by literally every single government and corporation figure, even Trump himself. The Leviathan was well and truly shaken. Bringing the government and large institutions to its knees is American heritage, that is why it stands apart from European countries in the way that the government operates. In America, the sovereign is supposed to be the people, which is contrary to Europe which has had kingdoms and dictatorships throughout its existence as a continent bearing civilization. European governments have ensured their continued existence (which has always been temporary even if they span hundreds of years) by fully incorporating the qualities of Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan. The British might say that their British Common Law places importance on the individual, but then they still have a Queen that can take complete control over parliament. In truth, no country today, even America, has the people as sovereign. Over time power has coalesced into the hands of an aristocracy. Whether these people are called career politicians or MPs, they are the ones that control the Leviathan’s head.

The aristocracy cowers in fear, as they should.

Never since the founding decades of America have politicians feared for their lives from the people they supposedly represent. One has to ask on top of this, do these politicians actually think that American blacks are being systematically oppressed half a century after the Civil Rights Era? They are supposed to be the lawyers that know the law. Surely they know that they cannot name a single piece of legislation that disenfranchises or discriminates against non-whites, except for affirmative action, which does legally discriminate, except against the wrong group of people for them to care. The race angle is important in this regard, as everywhere in the media have they professed it being necessary to know that the majority of the Capitol rioters were white, and that the police went lightly on them. This is clear, according to their supposed high academic stature, that whites are being allowed to do what they wish, while any non-whites would have been killed by the same police in a similar circumstance.

We will never hear the end of racism.

What is often forgotten is what was mentioned above: leftists burnt down buildings all throughout the American summer, looted and killed upwards of 35 people, and stormed government buildings all the same as what the rightists have now done.  In 2018, leftists stormed local senate buildings in a bid to halt Kavanaugh’s confirmation as Supreme Court justice. But it’s wrong when rightists do it, understand?

There is not only this left-right lens, but also the mentioned racial one. I watched the BLM riots each morning as the time-zone difference meant I could see everything happening during the American midnight. The racial composition was roughly over half white and less than half black. This is compared to the over 90% white Capitol Riot. There is footage of Hispanic business owners telling looters to get lost, most famously an Hispanic man who brought out a chainsaw to ward off the scavengers. This is important, since the media has now decided for their own nefarious purposes, that the divide is also racial. This means that BLM and Antifa supporters are majority comprised of either self-hating leftist whites or leftist blacks, with the latter group making up the vast majority of the political opinions present within American blacks. Some token Hispanics are present, but from what is seen, they are very small-business oriented and so lean anti-BLM. If a kind of race-war were to begin, the racial divide would have conservative whites and many Hispanics pitted against leftist whites and blacks. If an ideological war were to happen, then it may not be all too different from a race war, except that it would still resemble the first American Civil War, which had Northern and Southern whites killing each other.


Race conversations are typically unproductive, either because media entities continue to push the narrative that whites are always evil oppressors, and that non-whites are always helpless victims to colonialism; or that people are simply too uncomfortable to openly talk about race if the specific topic of the race-discussion does not involve continuously demeaning whites for all the world’s problems. Since the end of WWII and the Civil Rights Era, people have been brainwashed into thinking that the old trope of “there is only one race, the human race” is in any way true. You only have to look at a Facebook post by the organization ‘Be The Match’ that requested black people donate blood so that a black woman can have it. The woman needs it because otherwise there is a good chance her body will simply reject donated blood due to it being too different genetically. What obviously happened is that boomer women in the comments frantically typed away that the post in question is horrendously racist for requesting blood of a similar racial mix. All blood is human blood don’t you know? Just wait till these people find out that it is completely guaranteed that if you need a bone marrow transplant, you will need bone marrow from someone of the same race. It is notoriously difficult for mixed-race people to get bone marrow, as the stuff is highly pretentious about the genetics of the bones it is stuck inside. These people typically need others of a near exact racial mix to donate their bone marrow.

What must also be understood, is who exactly is pushing these unscientific ideas of races being exactly the same, and that whites continue to oppress non-whites even though no such laws exist. Just simply going to the Wikipedia pages of these people, who belong to an international clique, can shed light on who they are. These CEOs and politicians are disproportionately atheist, leftist (many times Communist), Jews. What must be understood about Jews is that they make tight familial and racial bonds amongst their own. This is obviously expected considering their ancestors have had to live in multiple different countries for thousands of years and have somehow still kept their language and religion. Such a tight kith and kinship relationship is also present in modern day Greeks, of which I know and understand personally. Greece was historically made up of Hellenes who were not Barbarians, and of Greek city states that warred against each other for centuries. Pseudo-Hellenism effectively began after the battle of Thermopylae, as Greek city states united against the Persians. Hellenism then faded and became Roman nationalism as Greeks had accepted becoming Romans, which is how Greek culture merged with Roman culture. It was only during the Ottoman occupation that Hellenism truly began. Today, diaspora Greeks still have a tight connection with other Greeks. We learn to speak Greek and participate in Greek religio-culture all the same as mainland Greeks.

Why this matters when it comes to Jews is that religion and culture have merged with Greeks as much as with Jews. Israelis and mainland Greeks are typically right-wing, likely because of the extremely saturated religio-culture that exists in these countries. Meaning: the high degree of religiosity in these countries causes the local inhabitants to lean right. According to Greeks, a Greek Communist is just about a complete traitor to Hellenism. I personally only tolerate Yanis Varoufakis because he understands some underlying issues with Greek politics and economics, just that Socialism is most definitely not the solution to the problems faced by Greeks. However, I have never seen or heard of anything like this amongst Jews. From what I have seen: Jews are simply just proud that Jews have been and are involved in the events that change history, irrespective of whichever Marxist-Socialist-Leninist events they have supported. One only has to look at the white South African anti-Apartheid activists to see that nearly half are Jews, and that just about all of them are or were open Communists. The only free thing that should be given to a Communist is a .45 caliber piece of lead.

Jews are too often involved in Communism.

The one problem with Jews, especially the Ashkenazim, is that they see themselves as a race separate to that of whites. Us Greeks obviously see ourselves as white considering our birthplace is Europe. Jews on the other hand (Ashkenazim primarily) believe they are Semitic, and are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. Nothing could be further from the truth. The brown Jews which are the Mizrahi and Sephardic, perhaps, but the Ashkenazi who are pale with dark hair are closer genetically to Greeks and Italians than they are to anyone from the middle east. This is mainly because the Ashkenazim incorporated a lot of Italian converts into their gene pool quite a few centuries ago. The reason why Greeks and Jews get along so well may not only be because of the very conservative religio-culture, but because of the racial closeness. To provide a comparable analogy for those who understand animals well: even dogs of a certain breed react and behave differently to other dogs of that same breed. Once again, ignoring race as being some devil is just plain unproductive if it can explain real world experiences. One does have to ensure that he has facts to back up racial observations and conclusions.

The problem Jews are those ones which are typically Ashkenazi, live in Western Europe or America, and who are atheistic leftists. Their culture is a religio-culture, meaning they can never be truly atheistic as that would mean giving up Jewish culture. Add on top of this that they think of themselves as their own race, and one now has an international clique that subverts The West with Communism, regressive ‘progressivism’, and supports mass migration that will end up wiping out the native culture and religion of Europeans. These ‘reptilians’, as one conspiracy incorrectly calls them, are united behind race, culture and religion even though they are atheists. They are leftists because they are atheists, which leads to them undermining Western foundations. A modern regressive leftist must fundamentally undermine his own country, but a well-connected leftist will be successful in this regard.  Conservative Jews exist. I know many of them. They do not dare touch their phones during Shabbos, and they prefer physical textbooks over PDF versions so they can study on Saturdays. The New York Hasidic Jews recently burnt their masks publicly as an open gesture to governor Andrew Cuomo’s draconian lockdown measures. These Jews are very conservative, and are most definitely not involved in an international conspiracy. However, they make no effort to call out the atheists in their tribe that undermine and seek to destroy The West for their own purposes.

Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.

Barbara Lerner Spectre

These international leftist Jews are also now the ones that control Big Tech, which has now decided that the First Amendment (1A) is only so that the government cannot lock you in prison for words they do not like, not that the 1A is equally meant for users of pseudo-monopolistic social media companies that control the information presented to literally billions of people. These companies are pseudo-monopolistic because they are not monopolies in the sense that they are raising prices due to greed. These companies are all a block down the road from each other in Silicon Valley, and most definitely collude with each other as seen from the highly notorious bannings of recent memory. Alex Jones was banned from every mainstream tech platform within a week, and Trump within a day. This classifies these tech companies as a cartel, or as a ‘trust’ in the years that antitrust legislation began. The problem is that the US government is only really equipped to deal with an actual monopoly or cartel that seeks to raise prices on goods or services.

Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. are not infringing on your right to consume a scarce resource with alternative uses at a fair market price, they are infringing on your right to free speech. The common response is that you should “use alternative media and not sign the Terms of Service of that particular company.” Alright, so American rightists moved over to Parler, and as of the 10th of January both Apple and Google have banned the app from their app stores. “But … but you can just use a website version!!” Alright, so what happens when Google Chrome, Firefox or even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) restrict the kinds of ‘hate’ sites that you are allowed to visit? “But … but that’s a slippery slope!!” Tell that to any of the popular right-wing figures that had payment processors such as Paypal and GoFundMe ban them from their services. What is the response from the leftist then? Use blockchain and Tor to live the rest of your life?

It doesn’t take much to be a prophet.

I also find it quite hilarious that leftists are all of a sudden pro-Capitalism when it comes to large corporations involving themselves in banning non-leftist viewpoints. These ‘intellectual’ leftists likely think they are outsmarting right-wingers by pointing out the flaws in Capitalism. In Cohen v. California (1971) the supreme court ruled that you can say obscenities but not ‘fighting words’ in a public place. The internet is the modern public square, and unless you are actively speaking about murdering someone, equivalent to holding a microphone and blasting your murder plans at a university, then whatever you say must be protected under the 1A. All of the big social media platforms have zero cost to entry, which means under market principles there can effectively be infinite demand for their services. It is also economically true that no other mass-social media platform can exist if it is free to open a Facebook or Twitter account at any time, as they cannot ever be beaten with price factors. The reason why people are on these mainstream platforms is because everyone else is on these platforms, not because they are the cheapest. They are all at the same time the cheapest and most expensive platforms to use.

This is the equivalent of a snail-mail service: you pay a stamp (pay your ISP for internet access), and then can send a low cost mail message to anyone you wish (this is for free using a mainstream social-media platform, except for the electronic device you are using to send the message). If everyone in the world has a mail address that allows you to send a message to them, then if everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account you must be able to freely send messages which are protected under the First Amendment. It is illegal to send bomb threats over the mail as it is not protected under the 1A, which was identical to how Big Tech operated until Gamergate happened and Trump decided to run for the presidency. What should happen is that the US government must legislate that any mass-media platforms that millions, hundreds of millions, and billions of people rely on in order to live in the Internet-age are exactly equivalent to a public space. The only way Trump can as of now communicate with his 70+ million voters is by using fringe platforms and services designed for countries like Turkey and China that have national firewalls which block just about any and all sensitive content. If The West is becoming no different to these two countries, except that massive corporations control speech instead of the government, then the American people are truly no longer sovereign: a highly connected clique of elitists and politicians are.


What they are either too stupid or too caught up in their own superiority to realize is that rightists will be pushed to the fringes of the Internet where we will become censorship resistant. Tor, blockchain and torrent networks have been around for decades at this point, and newer services and applications such as Telegram and Signal are very user friendly such that anyone can join an underground chat group that is censorship-proof for even the most vulgar content. Pushing regular boomers and Trump supporters to these services only means that they can plot any crime and say any word they wish and will not be censored for it. On mainstream platforms they have had to limit themselves to what was legal, now they do not. The other factor is that this speech is now underground and is far more difficult for the powers that be to uncover it. It is inevitable that both leftists and rightists will grow more paranoid and extreme as time goes by during this ideological and pseudo-racial schism. Whichever meta-historical analysis one chooses: America will experience terrible conditions similar to that of a war within the next decade. Whether it is the fact that the great empires of history have only lasted 250 years on average before collapse, or that the first two to three decades of the 21st century are when the ‘Hero Generation’ makes their mark on history: the current events of the early 2020s will culminate in something so profound that it will define history for either the next 100 or 250 years. Perhaps even the next millennium if America is comparable to the Roman Empire.

And if someone locks me in the dark prison,
All that is absolutely wasted work.
Because my thoughts pull the barriers to pieces
and walls in two, the thoughts are free!

German Folk song

National Capitalism takes the following summarized stances on these issues:

  • Principle of Self-Association: all the peoples of Earth have a place, but forcing them to mix through mass migration will destroy the natural diversity present. As such, these peoples are perfectly in their right to demand to live in a country made of their own kind.
  • Anti-Communism: Marxist-Communist-Leninists are the primary opponent to National Capitalism. The vermin must be exterminated (in Call of Duty).
  • International Jewry: Leftist Atheist Jews are to be uprooted from their positions of power as they, even if they do not personally participate, are the main figureheads that seek to destroy The West and her people.
  • Anti-Corporatism: large corporations, which include those with the power to lobby government, are to be broken up and laws to be put into place to ensure that they conform to the same rules laid out in the nation’s Constitution. This is because their huge size effectively makes them nations of their own, inside a country that did not elect them.

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